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Create hard to guess yet easy to remember passphrases!

The Best Online Password Creator is a Passphrase Generator

Formula to create your secure password: Adjective + Noun + Adverb + Verb + Single Digit seperated by random symbol and first character capitalized.

Note regarding PayPal password security: The maximum length for PayPal passwords is 20 characters. Therefore, to create a password for PayPal, set the maximum word length to 4 characters per word.

Notice about password security: It is important to not use the same password on more than one site. Use a password manager to easily keep track of each. I have found LastPass to be a very good and easy to use password manager. -- JB

20,000 Wordpress Sites With Weak Passwords Hacked!

A weak password is like no password! ...And you would be surprised what passwords are weak.

How about this password:


How long would it take to Brute Force crack that password at 1000 gueses per second?

Cracked in 3 days!

As the comic xkcd so succinctly puts it, Through 20 years of effort, we've successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess.

Passphrases are a much better alternative to thwart password guessing! They are easier to remember yet a far more secure way to create your password.

This passphrase password generator tool is great for creating easy to remember, yet hard to guess great passwords based on the following formula:

Adjective + Noun + Adverb + Verb + Single Digit seperated by random symbol and first character capitalized.

How long would it take to Brute Force guess the password shown above set at a maximum of 8 characters per word at 1000 guesses per second?

23,132 Years!

And that is only if they have the exact corpuse of words being randomly selected from (which they don't) and know it is maximum of 8 characters per word (which they also don't).

Want to create a password even easier to remember and type that is still relatively secure? Reduce the maximum number of characters per word. Want an even more secure password? Increase the maximum characters per word.

By using a combination of capitalization, punctuation and number the strong passwords created by this passpharse password generator will be acceptable for securing passwords for any reasonable password security criteria.

Comic courtesy of found here.

Use this online password generator to create your password and sleep well knowing you have real password security!